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Calls to action are used to get a person to perform an instruction.

CTAs should be short and action-orientated – using buttons and hyperlinked text.

For example:

Two examples of calls to action that are short and action oriented.
Use short, action oriented calls to action

Note: No full stops in CTAs but fine to use question marks.

Hyperlinks must be underlined unless they’re standalone text links, in which case we add a chevron.

Instead of using generic CTAs such as ‘Find out more’ and ‘Learn more’ – try to be contextual for accessibility and best practice (SEO & UX).

However, when space is limited, try CTAs such as ‘Tell me more’ or ‘Show me how’ instead of ‘Find out more’ and ‘Learn more’.

Try to avoid overt navigation instructions, e.g. ‘Click the link below to start the survey’ or ‘call the number below’

Keep verbs appropriate to the device type.

When referring to signing into Online Banking or the Westpac App, use ‘into’, not ‘in to’.

For steps, use bold text for the exact wording on tabs, links and buttons.

For steps in body copy, use chevrons. Capitalise the first word after the chevron.

If there are more than 5 steps, switch to the list format. Also see Bullet points & numbered lists.