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A guide to writing numbers and currencies.

Numbers 0-9 should be written as words.

Use numerals for numbers 10 and above.

Use numerals instead of words for:

  • business days
  • age
  • school years
  • dates and business days
  • street addresses
  • tips articles
  • instructions
  • snappy copy
  • mobile apps where space is limited.

Avoid starting a sentence or heading with a number unless it’s a rate, dollar amount, points or tips/reasons/steps, etc.

Use commas for numbers 1,000 and above.

Thousands, millions and billions can be expressed using k, m, b – and should always be used as such in headings, disclaimers and T&Cs.

BSB numbers include a dash after the first three digits.

Telephone numbers should include spaces.

Number ranges use an en dash without spaces on either side.

Percentages should be %, not ‘percent’

Number rankings can either be:

  • ‘first’, ‘second’, etc.
  • #1, #2, #3
  • no. 1, no. 2

Use the abbreviation for foreign currencies (e.g. NZD, USD, GBP) without the currency symbol.

Use lower case when the currency is spelled out.