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Capital letters are typically used at the start of a sentence and for proper nouns.


Headings always use sentence-case (not title-case), excluding H1 page headings which are all-caps.

Note: No full stops on the end of any headings - see Headings and subheadings.


Always use sentence-case for:

Navigation menus (unless linking a branded product).

CTA buttons and hyperlinks (no full stops but fine to use question marks)

Validation or error messages

Form fields

Numerical amounts

Bullet points - see Bullet points & numbered lists for more.


Always use capitalisation for:

Branded names (but not generic names of products or services)

Page meta titles (for SEO)


Holidays - see People & Diversity for more.

Days and months

Geographical names


Government departments

Job titles (official titles only)



Always use lower-case for:


Online terms

Capitalisation rules do not apply when a formal name is written in lower or upper case.

States and territories

States and territories have each word capitalised.


Take note of the way we refer to certain countries.

  • China – use China, not PRC
  • United Kingdom - use UK or United Kingdom, not England or Great Britain
  • United States - use US or United States, not USA, America or United States of America.

Note: For H1 headings, US reads as ‘us’, so use U.S.