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Digital Experience

Digital banking is a critical need for our customers. It allows them to access their accounts and perform transactions 24/7, providing convenience and flexibility. Through analysis and research, we have created digital banking patterns and guidelines that put our customers at the heart of our experiences. They incorporate the CX principles and standards, meet our compliance commitments, and create consistency across our digital channels. By using these patterns, projects can replicate what works, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

By reducing re-work we can achieve increased speed to market and more consistent, simple experiences for our customers, leading to greater satisfaction with the Bank. We support our customers to get what they need done when they need to do it, simply and efficiently. 

We ensure they find it easy to use our digital banking service and have their needs met efficiently.

What makes a good digital banking experience?


Provide robust security that sets out to protect customers privacy and protect their financial wellbeing.


Aways on and available across various devices to ensure customers can conveniently transact and manage their finances regardless of when, where and how they choose.


Provide meaningful financial insights to empower customers to make more informed decisions and to easily identify the products that best suit their needs.


Support customers to take control of preferences and customise their banking experience.

UX patterns

Display of accounts

Display of transactions


Hand offs

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Getting support

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