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Celebration moment

Digital Experience

Use this pattern to celebrate a positive moment when a customer opens an account or completes their application.

What’s happening here?

  • Success. We’re amplifying a customer’s success in completing an application – and thanking them for their business.
  • A moment of delight. We’re using brand-specific celebration elements to surprise and delight our customers. For Westpac we’re using a burst of confetti. We’re working through what this will look like for our regional brands.
  • Short and sweet. We’re only presenting the new account details – and if there is a tangible item like a card that comes with the product, we’ll show an image of the card.

Why do we do it this way?

Warmly welcomes

We’re celebrating an account opening or an ‘approval moment’ and welcoming customers to Westpac.

Pleasantly surprises

Our customers get a surprising burst of animation at the end of their application journey.

Recognises customers

We’re finding ways to make our customers feel valued in every interaction.

Where does it sit in the sequence?

A Celebration Moment pattern should happen at the end of the application once all tasks, including the set up of Online Banking, have been completed.

Our customers should feel a sense of delight and accomplishment once they’ve finished the task and completed their journey.

How do we want our customers to feel?

“I feel welcomed, I'm not just a number.”