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Skinny banner

Digital Experience

Use this pattern to deliver information to customers when they are logged into their banking. It is a less obtrusive and space-saving manner compared to traditional pop-up dialogs or full-screen notifications.

The skinny banner is best used following a push notification, serving as a subtle yet effective tool to re-engage and prompt action from the user. It functions as a gentle reminder, to the user to take the desired action.

What’s happening here?

Message text – the message is presented at the top of the page to gain awareness. We limit length to ensure a full display of the notification. The longer the message, the lower the engagement (clicks) of the customer.

Make the message clear and concise to promote action.

Call to action - guides the customer to a desired outcome or goal.

Why do we do it this way?

Centre of attention

Placing the skinny banner in the centre of the dashboard will attract attention and make customers feel the need to action on what is required immediately.

Brilliantly simple

We provide a clear and concise message with relevant action to make engagement simple for our customers.

Engage with our customers

We provide a two-way communication channel, empowering our customers to instantly respond to our messages and take action on their accounts.

Where does it sit in the sequence?

Skinny banner is only used after a Push notification. It is not used stand-alone.

How do we want the customer to feel?

"I could easily see what I needed to do and respond immediately."




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