Your role ~ The advocate for the customer, ensuring they’re always represented and that your design solutions balance customer needs and desires with business viability and technical feasibility.

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GEL is a systematic design approach with a multi-brand responsive framework, it’s the Group’s ‘single source of truth’. It underpins our Customer Centric Design Methodology and helps to comprehensively deliver the Westpac, St George, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne brands consistently with quality across every digital user interface. Most importantly, its tools are accessible and digestible, helping you and your teams deliver consistent, high quality outcomes, and with much less effort.

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Like any good design framework, there are inherent benefits that help your project deliver customer experiences with integrity on time and on budget:

  • CONSISTENCY through digital design clarity and direction
  • EFFICIENCY through a single source, multi-brand, multi-device solution
  • QUALITY through empowering us to deliver on our brand promises

Fundamentally though, collaboration is the key to success and one of the pillars for great work, not just between ourselves but also between visual designers and front end developers.

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  • Getting support

    Sometimes you need to bounce ideas off others or just need an extra pair of eyes. We’ve established regular catch-ups and provided resources to support you and your team to deliver great design and a quality outcome for your Westpac Group project. The best way to make contact is to email us.

  • Plan for quality

    There are different levels of engagement with the GEL, even within the same role. Find out those options and processes available to better execute your project.
    More about Planning for quality

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Our design systems play an important role in achieving quality, consistency and efficiency across all our brands user interfaces.

We’re constantly building and refining these systems to cater for the ever changing digital brand landscape.

These systems also allow us to quickly implement new front end technologies into our projects.

Being able to react efficiently and effectively to change means our digital products and services will always utilise bleeding edge technology. This will enable us to continually design and build high quality products and services for our customers.

It’s important to understand these systems. They’ll help you design and build coherent, consistent user journeys while maintaining strong brand alignment.

We’re constantly building and refining these systems to cater for the ever-changing digital brand landscape.

  • the GUIs

    As well as being a tool to inform developers, the GUIs work as a coded visual style guide for our designers. They are the single source of truth for the digital brand as well as a representation of the common elements used in digital interfaces. View the GUIs

  • the grid

    In today’s digital world responsive design is simply best practice. We’ve created a responsive grid – along with a library of templates to help you design for multiple screen sizes. The responsive grid is a powerful system. It’s difficult to master but crucial if your design has to be responsive. More about the grid

  • axure UI kit

    Our wireframing UI Kit has been created using Axure. It contains all the elements you will find in the GUIs and lots of re-usable patterns and components sized to match the responsive views. Using these tools will save design time and have you thinking with a design system mindset from the get-go. More about the Axure UI Kit

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