Your role ~ Guide and support the CX project team in delivering high quality customer experiences balancing customer, business and technology requirements, within the agreed project scope and plan.

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GEL is a systematic design approach with a multi-brand responsive framework, it’s the Group’s ‘single source of truth’. It underpins our Customer Centric Design Methodology and helps to comprehensively deliver the Westpac, St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne brands consistently with quality across every digital user interface. Most importantly, its tools are accessible and digestible, helping you and your teams deliver consistent, high quality outcomes, and with much less effort.

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Like any good design framework, there are inherent benefits that help your project deliver customer experiences with integrity on time and on budget:

  • CONSISTENCY through digital design clarity and direction
  • EFFICIENCY through a single source, multi-brand, multi-device solution
  • QUALITY through empowering us to deliver on our brand promises

Fundamentally though, collaboration is the key to success and one of the pillars for great work, make sure your teams are talking to each other.

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  • Getting support

    Sometimes you need to bounce ideas off others or just need an extra pair of eyes. We’ve established regular catch-ups and provided resources to support you and your team to deliver great design and a quality outcome for your Westpac Group project. The best way to make contact is to email us.

  • Plan for quality

    There are different levels of engagement with the GEL, even within the same role. Find out those options and processes available to better execute your project.
    More about Planning for quality

  • CCD and Agile

    We need to get agile with Agile; it’s where the organisation is heading. And fast. Irrespective of your knowledge or experience with this framework, we can support your project to ensure the customer remains front and centre.
    More about CCD and Agile

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Our design systems play an important role in achieving quality, consistency and efficiency across all our brands user interfaces.

We’re constantly building and refining these systems to cater for the ever changing digital brand landscape.

These systems also allow us to quickly implement new front end technologies into our projects.

Being able to react efficiently and effectively to change means our digital products and services will always utilise bleeding edge technology. This will enable us to continually design and build high quality products and services for our customers.

It’s important to understand these systems. They’ll help you design and build coherent, consistent user journeys while maintaining strong brand alignment.

  • research techniques

    Customer Experience is one of the most important aspects of contemporary corporate strategy and increasingly necessary for survival. Our customers are the reason that our business exists. Engaging with our customers to learn as much information as you can about them through customer research helps us to evolve our business to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Download research techniques

  • deliver using GEL

    Being customer-centric is a given. But there is another set of considerations around brand and design integrity that needs to be integrated as well. This list should help you and your project take an approach that achieves the consistency and quality expected from our solutions. More about delivering using GEL

  • ccd methodology

    The underlying methodology that we use when creating Customer Centred Design experiences. It outlines the three key phases of design and the activities and techniques that can be used in each phase to help us inform and refine our experience design solutions. Download CCD methodology

  • lean tools

    Try Lean start-up tools for an entrepreneur-focused business plan for your project. They focus on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. More about lean startup

  • non-functional requirements

    It doesn’t matter if you design the ultimate customer experience, without formal commitment by the project team to deliver a quality outcome, the intended experience will not transpire and the benefits of the GEL will not be delivered. More about non-functional requirements

  • how to design with GEL

    You’ve got grand ideas! You’re up to speed on all the latest AI, AR, VR, and hardware technology. You’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible and be on the cutting edge of the industry. How do you retain this enthusiasm while designing with a design system? More about how to design with GEL

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