How to deliver using GEL

By Marita Purins

How to deliver using GEL

Digital CX has been directed to achieve brand consistency across the Westpac and St.George Groups.

To achieve this, it’s important to adequately plan for the use of the GEL in a Project as it can be used in different ways to achieve a range of benefits.

Digital brand consistency is a minimum requirement but the tools within the GEL can deliver much more. So firstly, investigate the best way to engage with the tools for your project and to gain formal agreement across impacted teams within your project.

To efficiently implement quality designs is critical and greater collaboration across the Project team is required to meet this imperative. The following checklist helps set up the Project CX Team for optimal design delivery:

1. Explore the opportunities

Meet with the GEL team to better understand and deploy the project-specific tools and approaches available. This ensures the CX stream is delivered efficiently, with brand consistency and integrity.

Understanding the most appropriate level of engagement with the GEL should allow you to influence the direction the project takes, with the end result potentially being greater customer and business value.

Defining an approach for applying and complying with the various digital brand(s) has one huge benefit (arguably among many): You will better manage expectations so that your creativity and energy are spent discussing how we can solve real business and customer problems and maximise the value of experience design, rather than user interface design minutia.

Communicate the proposed approach with the Project Manager, Business Owner and the Technology Lead early as this helps optimise the benefits inherent in using the GEL to capacity from the outset. Plus, this upfront buy-in can help minimise risks later on.

2. Recruit the right resources

Engage with the GEL team after Project Discovery to outline the resources required based on the agreed CX design and delivery approach.

This same discussion can also highlight how the respective brand integrity will be maintained using the GEL.

For example; collaboration with the technology team may be required much earlier in the CX design phase than usually planned for.

Use the recruitment guidelines and assessments to ensure resource skills are fit for purpose based on the proposed approach and the tools available. These can be provided by the GEL Team.

3. On-board for success

Ensure that your design and development team has access to the tools and environments required to use the GEL tools and resources.

Ensure that your design and development team receives an introduction to Digital Brand compliance and how to use the GEL (including Starter Packs). This can be provided by the GEL team.

4. Agree the path to consensus

Agree with the Project Manager, Business Owner and Technology Lead on the conditions required to maximise the benefits of a GEL-led approach.

For example, you may require a front-end developer to be involved early in the design process to collaborate on your prototype code and optimise for potential re-use during the build phase.

Communicate the outcomes of the above discussion, as this will provide a valuable foundation of understanding for the broader project. This in turn can help contribute to a more consistent and compliant CX design outcome.

Provide the standard ‘Digital Brand Experience Non-Functional Requirements’ to the Business Owner and/or SME to ensure they will be captured, agreed and documented as part of the Business Requirements Document (and Functional Specification Document).

Formally raise standard risks and mitigations to the Project Manager to ensure they’re tracked as part of the project’s risks.

5. Evolve - GEL alignment and evolution

Plan time in the project schedule for GEL consultation and approval (prior to design sign-off via Design RABs etc).

Discussion and agreement with GEL alignment helps drive the conversation towards the stuff you want to focus on – experience design.

Attend scheduled meetings with the GEL team (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Engage early and often to minimise the potential for GEL misalignment and source assistance with project issues if needed. After all, we may have seen it all before and might be able to help you navigate a smoother path.

Raise new items not covered in the GEL so that we can work together to start with the existing foundations while exploring new solutions.

We need your help to capture the good stuff you come up with (re-usable design patterns etc) so other projects can leverage through re-use.

That way, the GEL continues to be the ‘single source of truth’ that continuously helps us achieve digital brand consistency.

You can help us improve and evolve the Design System by raising bugs and suggestions in our GitHub page.

To help us continuously improve our design patterns you can send your feedback to