Collaborate for quality

By Marita Purins

Lean start-up tools

Planning and establishing a collaborative approach to user interface design and delivery with the build team will optimise the interaction design for the technology and increase the quality of the end product.

Starting out on the right foot

Achieving great design on paper or in prototypes is just the beginning. To deliver a great customer experience we have to build strong cross functional teams who work together to execute with quality. To optimise our customers experience with our digital brands we must commit to consistency, efficiency and quality. To do this our project and operations teams need to:

  1. Commit to delivering high quality experiences for our customers
  2. Come together to prioritise and plan for quality
  3. Accept our differences and propose solutions that acknowledge all accountabilities
  4. Collaborate as “one team” to achieve experience user interface quality from design to launch
  5. Commit to constantly evolve the GEL to ensure that we always improve our user interface design and development

You can help us improve and evolve the Design System by raising bugs and suggestions in our Github page.

To help us continuously improve our design patterns you can send your feedback to