A plan is our best guess on how to achieve a particular end. We work in a fluid environment that can change on a daily basis. Be prepared to adapt and adjust your plan as the project unfolds

plan your project

work smarter not harder

Digital brand consistency is a minimum requirement but the tools within the GEL can deliver much more. So firstly, investigate the best way to engage with the tools for your project and to gain formal agreement across impacted teams within your project.

  • ccd and agile

    CCD and Agile methodologies give us helpful processes that allow us to keep the customer at the centre of the design process, and deliver value to the customer regularly in a predictable timeframe. More about CCD and agile

  • digital brand compliance

    There are 3 levels of Digital Brand compliance and each option offers huge project benefits - the more you use the system, the more you benefit. More about Digital Brand compliance

  • deliver using GEL

    Being customer-centric is a given. But there is another set of considerations around brand and design integrity that needs to be integrated as well. This list should help you and your project take an approach that achieves the consistency and quality expected from our solutions. More about delivering using GEL

  • non-functional requirements

    It doesn’t matter if you design the ultimate customer experience, without formal commitment by the project team to deliver a quality outcome, the intended experience will not transpire and the benefits of the GEL will not be delivered. More about non-functional requirements

  • collaborate for quality

    Every member of a project team is responsible for the quality of the experience being delivered. A highly collaborative team of designers and developers is critical to achieve high quality experiences. More about collaboration

  • ccd methodology

    The underlying methodology that we use when creating Customer Centred Design experiences. It outlines the three key phases of design and the activities and techniques that can be used in each phase to help us inform and refine our experience design solutions. Download CCD methodology

  • lean tools

    Try Lean start-up tools for an entrepreneur-focused business plan for your project. They focus on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. More about lean startup