Gain understanding and insight into the initiative, problem or opportunity to ensure a common vision and buy-in before starting to develop solutions.

discover with insights

understand the problem

Before defining a solution it’s essential to understand the opportunity or problem by collecting insights. Understanding the business case and objectives as well as gathering information about customer needs and behaviour helps to set up the project to deliver measurable outcomes.

  • personas

    Personas summarise our user research findings, bringing our customers to life in a simple way to help steer us away from making decisions based on our own experiences and opinions. Download personas

  • customer decision making

    The Customer Decision Making Model helps to understand how customers make decisions so that we create features and content that can support them along their journey to make a purchasing decision based on their situation and needs. Download decision making model

  • visions and promises

    Our CX visions provide customer led strategic direction. These are used to ensure that our individual projects and programs are aligned with an overall customer experience or segment. These visions and promises describe what our customers need from us to build a better relationship with them. This is what we should aspire to deliver in all of our experience designs. Download visions & promises

  • cx frameworks

    Customer experience frameworks provide guidelines for creating and developing great customer experiences. These frameworks provide the scaffolding to enable you to design these experiences based on customer research and knowledge. Download CX frameworks

  • research techniques

    Customer Experience is one of the most important aspects of contemporary corporate strategy and increasingly necessary for survival. Our customers are the reason that our business exists. Engaging with our customers to learn as much information as you can about them through customer research helps us to evolve our business to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Download research techniques

  • customer insights

    Leverage the many customer interactions that we’ve had to gain insight into behaviour, attitudes, needs and motivators to inform your work or discover the gaps in your research that must be filled to take a truly customer centric approach. Download customer insights