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Design Axure UI Kit

Axure UI Kit

By Kate MacDonald

The Axure UI Kit libraries and templates contain all the elements you’ll find in the Design System as well as commonly used components and patterns from our other digital systems. We are continually updating and adding new components and patterns. So always make sure you’ve got the latest version.

How to get started

1. Download the Axure UI Kit

Download the Axure UI Kit, unzip the .zip and save the files somewhere you can remember.

Important: Don’t open them just yet!

  • The .zip will contain both library files ‘.rplib’ and template files ‘.rp’
  • The ‘.rplib’ library files are greyscale and can be used with any Axure file
  • The ‘.rp’ template files are for multi-brand full-colour design (more about colour)

2. Open Axure RP 8

Open Axure RP 8 and then open a new document. The Axure UI Kit files are created using Axure version 8, they won’t work if opened in version 7 or earlier. We suggest you ensure you have the latest version of Axure, it should be a free upgrade.

3. Load library into the Widgets pane

  • From the Libraries widgets pane on the centre left of your Axure window, select the ‘Menu’ icon and choose ‘Load library...’. See figure 1 below.
  • This will open a file Finder or Explorer window
  • Navigate to where you have saved the ‘.rplib’ library files, they will be the only files that are selectable
  • Select the libraries you want to load and choose ‘Open’
Load library feature in Axure

Figure 1: Any libraries you load will appear in the libraries list for any Axure file you open. When a new version of a library is released, you will need to Unload the old library and Load... the new one.

4. Start designing

The libraries should now appear in the Libraries drop-down within the widgets pane, along with the default libraries that come pre-loaded with Axure. Select the library you want to use from the drop-down. You can now start dragging library elements onto your pages.

Looking for some colour?

The libraries have been created in greyscale for low-fi wireframing. If you’re after full-colour designs, you can use the library with one of the branded templates (Westpac-Styles-Template-vX, STG-Styles-Template-vX, BSA-Styles-Template-vX or BOM-Styles-Template-vX). When used on the branded template pages, the library elements pick up the relevant colours for that brand.

So, instead of opening a new document at step 2, open the relevant branded Styles template from the .zip and load the library as per the steps above.

If you’re an Axure Jedi, you can also choose to import the styles from the template files into any file you are using with the library.

Styles feature in Axure

Figure 2: If you are using the branded Styles you need to make sure all the non-library elements in your design have a style from the list applied, or they will not pick up the correct colours.

Resources – The Axure UI Kit is available as a ‘.zip’ download hosted on GitHub. We frequently update the Axure UI Kit files so please ensure you have the latest version.