Our design resources focus on UX, UI and visual design. From asset libaries to articles there’s a wealth of in-depth knowledge and information to get designers up and running (in the right direction).

design with systems

work smarter not harder

Our design systems play an important role in achieving quality, consistency and efficiency across all our brands user interfaces.

We’re constantly building and refining these systems to cater for the ever changing digital brand landscape. It’s important to understand these systems. They’ll help you design and build coherent, consistent user journeys while maintaining strong brand alignment.

  • how to design with GEL

    You’ve got grand ideas! You’re up to speed on all the latest AI, AR, VR, and hardware technology. You’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible and be on the cutting edge of the industry. How do you retain this enthusiasm while designing with a design system? More about how to design with GEL

  • the grid

    In today’s digital world responsive design is simply best practice. We’ve created a responsive grid – along with a library of templates to help you design for multiple screen sizes. The responsive grid is a powerful system. It’s difficult to master but crucial if your design has to be responsive. More about the grid

  • multi brand

    We’re a truly multi-brand organisation. Our systems allow us to create unique customer experiences for each of our brands while sharing our technical knowledge and digital assets. For more specific reference to the brand identity; tone of voice, imagery etc use the brand style guides. More about Multi-brand

  • colour

    When you’re designing a multi-brand project it’s important to understand how the colour system works. This will save you a lot of time further down the track especially if you’re working on a large scale project. More about colour

  • iconography

    Our global visual language is shared across all the brands. We have a library of carefully crafted user interface icons for use in your designs, along with a detailed explanation of when and how to use them and more importantly when not to use them. More about iconography

  • typography

    There’s no disputing the power of typography. It has a huge influence on brand perception and recognition. Good typography not only differentiates a brand but also communicates the brand’s style, personality and tone of voice. More about typography

  • sketch UI kit

    A set of graphic assets for designing responsive, multi-brand applications that align with our front-end development framework. Each element in the Sketch UI Kit corresponds exactly to the coded elements found in the Design System. More about the Sketch UI Kit

  • axure UI kit

    Our wireframing UI Kit has been created using Axure. It contains all the elements you will find in the Design System and lots of reusable patterns and components sized to match the responsive views. Using these tools will save design time and have you thinking with a design system mindset from the get-go. More about the Axure UI Kit