Integrating with the GUI framework can deliver substantial benefits to the project and operations. The responsive, multi-brand approach supports us to deliver more with less effort.

build with frameworks

work smarter not harder

Frameworks allow us to quickly implement new front end technologies into our projects.

Being able to react efficiently and effectively to change means our digital products and services will always utilise bleeding edge technology. This will enable us to continually design and build high quality products and services for our customers.

  • dev starter pack

    The GUI Front-end Dev starter pack is a complete front end development environment that aligns with the GUI framework. It’s designed to get front-end developers up and running quickly. It’s available on GitHub and uses technologies like node, npm and grunt. View in GitHub

  • the GUIs

    As well as being a tool to inform developers, the GUIs work as a coded visual style guide for our designers. They are the single source of truth for the digital brand as well as a representation of the common elements used in digital interfaces. View the GUIs

  • collaborative code

    The personal nature of coding style is a challenge in a team atmosphere. That’s why we strongly recommend style guides for software development teams. Getting everyone on the same page is difficult, and the style guide is a great place to start. By having everyone write code that looks the same, you can avoid a lot of problems down the road. More about code collaboration

  • grunt and npm

    Automate your environment to speed up your work. Prevent errors and get help with setting up the tools we recommend to make it easier. More about grunt and npm