We’re a truly multi-brand organisation, which is why being able to create individually branded customer experiences while re-using our technical knowledge, digital assets and business processes is so important. We achieve this primarily by using GEL’s sophisticated Colour, Typography and Iconography systems, along with GEL’s powerful front end development environment which automates the rollout of projects into other brands. Everything we design can be applied to all our brands ensuring quality — by empowering us to deliver on our brand promises, efficiency — through a single source, multi-brand, multi-device solution and consistency — through digital design clarity and direction. Using this approach gives us the capacity and confidence to focus on solving real business problems and to design delightful customer experiences.

think big picture

your project is only part of the customer journey

It’s important to understand that your project is only part of the customer journey. If your design isn’t consistent with the other touchpoints experienced by the user then the journey has become fragmented and the brand experience diluted.

Think big picture. It’s easy to become completely absorbed by your objectives and focus only on your deliverable. Try to keep an eye on at what’s happening outside your influence. This often results in a more considered solution and better collaboration not just between team members but also business units.

design with systems

work smarter not harder

Our design systems play an important role in achieving quality, consistency and efficiency across all our brands user interfaces.

We’re constantly building and refining these systems to cater for the ever changing digital brand landscape. It’s important to understand these systems. They’ll help you design and build coherent, consistent user journeys while maintaining strong brand alignment.

  • the GUIs

    As well as being a tool to inform developers, the GUIs work as a coded visual style guide for our designers. They are the single source of truth for the digital brand as well as a representation of the common elements used in digital interfaces. View the GUIs

  • sketch UI kit

    A set of graphic assets for designing responsive, multi-brand applications that align with our front-end development framework. Each element in the UI Kit corresponds exactly to the coded element found in the GUIs. More about the Sketch UI Kit

  • typography

    There’s no disputing the power of typography. It has a huge influence on brand perception and recognition. Good typography not only differentiates a brand but also communicates the brands style, personality and tone of voice. More about typography

  • colour

    When you’re designing a multi-brand project it’s important to understand how the colour system works. This will save you a lot of time further down the track especially if you’re working on a large scale project. More about colour