Our CX design principles will help your solutions reflect the core expectations for our customers and brands.

James James: “Why should I trust this bank?”

build brand strength

Brand is big: it shapes and informs customers’ perceptions of us. The uniformity and consistency embedded in a brand’s promise needs to be upheld and endorsed in all designs, interactions and outcomes; be that digital, in branch, in print or on the phone. When designing for the Westpac brand, it’s crucial you get familiar with the Westpac CX visions and promises and how they’re interpreted in order to effectively and efficiently deliver designs that align.

Helen Helen: “I just want to get it done so I can get on with my day”

design experiences

Whether constructing a single tool, writing product content or creating a promotion, we’re designing part of a customer journey. And the end-to-end interaction that results will reflect on our digital brand. Therefore we need to ask: Is it simple? Is it helpful? Does it reflect our brand as a quality, credible and professional entity? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not quite sure’, review our Customer Centric Design methodology to freshen and better plan your design approach.

Tracy Tracy: “Stop asking me the same questions”

know who you’re designing for

For optimal results we must always ‘know’ who we’re pitching at and what their expectations are. The Group has carefully researched and chosen select customers and segments across its brands because it makes good business sense for the organisation to do so. Ensure you see things from the point of view of these customers, but more importantly, engage them to enhance and validate your ideas. Use Digital personas to better understand the attitudes and behaviours of our target segments and align with customer expectations and needs.

Mr Rossi Mr Rossi: “I only use it to pay my bills”

get the basics right

When designing an experience we must be aware of the customer's’ baseline expectation of us. They want quality, authenticity and empathy in every interaction. And that can be challenging. If you’d like guidance, check out these Interface design principles to use as a baseline for any design experience.

Mark Mark: “I want more, I want it faster and I want it better”

be an invaluable partner

To survive and prosper in the ever competitive finance industry we must move beyond simply shifting product, but transfer to a servicing role that genuinely supports customers in fulfilling their lifestyle as well as financial dreams. To get there, refer to our CX frameworks , they provide guidelines for creating and developing great customer experiences. These frameworks provide the scaffolding to enable you to design these experiences based on customer research and knowledge. They’re what’s meant when we talk about ‘design thinking’ and how the path to innovation is as much about ‘servicing’ as it is about ‘selling’.

Sharon Sharon: “why is everything so complicated these days?”

give customers answers

Knowing how customers make decisions gives us a great opportunity to ensure that we’re always providing the best possible answers at the right time, in the right context. That’s a tall order. Such insight takes extensive time to research and test as well as substantial resources to deploy. But do it well and we’ll stand a better chance of maintaining customer loyalty and promoting advocacy. Check out the Customer decision making model to see what’s needed to attract and sustain customer engagement.