Gain understanding and insight into the initiative problem or opportunity to ensure a common vision and buy-in before starting to develop solutions.

Explore many solution concepts and refine them through iterative prototyping and customer testing. This evolutionary approach allows you to fail early and cheaply while ensuring there is very low risk of customer rejection.

Bring the solution design to reality. Testing Top and monitoring play a critical part in ensuring the initiative is successful as it transitions to business as usual.

Across our business, everything we do starts with the customer at the centre. It means every single process and every single practice should be built from the customer’s perspective.

know the customer

create strong emotional connections

What this means for us

  • Understanding the voice of the customers, priorities and satisfaction drivers, ensuring that every interaction with a customer/stakeholder creates a positive experience.
  • Understanding our customers, setting the right expectations, providing tailored customer engagement and applying the right strategy/solution
  • An imperative to follow Customer Centric Design Methodology.

Our methodology

We want to ensure that every touch point or interaction our customers have is a positive one that builds a strong emotional connection with our brand. This helps drives sales, loyalty and advocacy as customers share their great experiences with families and their social networks.

discover with insights

understand the problem

Before defining a solution it’s essential to understand the opportunity or problem by collecting insights. Understanding the business case and objectives as well as gathering information about customer needs and behaviour helps to set up the project to deliver measurable outcomes.

  • ccd methodology

    The underlying methodology that we use when creating Customer Centred Design experiences. It outlines the three key phases of design and the activities and techniques that can be used in each phase to help us inform and refine our experience design solutions. Download CCD methodology

  • personas

    Personas summarise our user research findings, bringing our customers to life in a simple way to help steer us away from making decisions based on our own experiences and opinions. Download personas

  • lean tools

    Try Lean start-up tools for an entrepreneur-focused business plan for your project. They focus on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. More about lean startup

  • how to design with GEL

    You’ve got grand ideas! You’re up to speed on all the latest AI, AR, VR, and hardware technology. You’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible and be on the cutting edge of the industry. How do you retain this enthusiasm while designing with a design system? More about how to design with GEL