1 Project
One multi-brand project
4+ Brands
Four and more brands
3 Operating systems
Three operating systems
Infinite devices
“Before GEL I could deliver 1-2 projects per year. With GEL I have delivered 14 projects in a year.” Dan Smith; UX Design Lead, Enterprise

The digital landscape is constantly changing and our customers are interacting with our brands across many digital touch-points and devices. Customers expect things to just work...now.

The Westpac Group manages multiple brands. In this ever changing environment we have to empower our people to do great work that delights our customers. We do this through digital brand clarity and a simplified interface design and development approach. Creating opportunities for a 200 year old company to operate like a start up. Our people have clarity and confidence to solve real business problems and design delightful customer experiences.

Aside from consistency, quality and accessibility
GEL is achieving the following efficiencies

Reducing design and
production effort by
1,600% In the last year GEL has been applied to 13 projects. Without GEL’s multi-brand, responsive framework, we would have had to consider at least 208 separate projects (13 projects x 4 brands x multiple devices). significatly impacting our speed to market.

Reducing design
time by
66% Before GEL a brand change to the St.George group public website would take approximatley 6 weeks. Using the GEL multi-brand framework this now takes less than 2 weeks.

Increased user interface
design velocity by
700% GEL has enabled our designers to move from supporting 2 projects per year to 14 projects per year. Providing them a central location and authority to steer stakeholders past low value design minutia and focus on innovative solutions to real customer problems.