Open source

The GUI is an entirely open source build and is available to anyone interested in tweaking or learning from it.

Can I see how it is built?

We are hosting our source code on GitHub where you can fork the repository, create a pull request or open an issue. Head over to and have a look.
Our repo comes with a readme that explains how you can run the build tool and some general guidelines about how to collaborate.

What if I spot a bug?

If you find a bug that we've missed, then please notify us. Head over to the issue section in our repo and create an issue. Make sure that you describe the bug as accurately as you can. Please upload a screenshot and include your system details to make it easier for us to recreate the bug and fix it.

If you find a bug and would like to fix it yourself or already have fixed it in the course of your project, we are very happy to accept pull requests. Just have a quick look at our code styleguide and work with us. We'd love your contribution.

How did you write The Blender?

We built a NodeJS app that runs on our server. This app is also open source and you can find it here. The repo also includes the GEL website which is built with Jekyll, a ruby app that generates static files. And yes, we used the GUI to build the front-end.