I’m a basic paragraph. I provide my own margin bottom to space paragraphs so you don’t need to use paragraph returns to add space. If you’re copying and pasting text from some word processing software be sure to remove unnecessary formating.
When you place a link inside a paragraph of text this is what it looks like. Avoid using too many long links in your paragraphs. It can become difficult to read and can start to look like a Christmas tree.


The small element represents so-called “small print” such as caveats. I’m a caveat. Don’t confuse me with physically small text as this would be semantically incorrect.


I’m used for emphasising a snippet of text with a heavier font-weight like this Look how strong I am and I haven’t even used the b tag. Marvellous!


I’m used for emphasising a snippet of text with italics like this Look at me I’ve been emphasised and I haven’t even used i tag.


In this text we have a word we would like to abbreviate.